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Tom Sawyer

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This is an original graphic novel adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic, Tom Sawyer.

An exciting approach to the classics: vibrant, appealing graphic novels that bring beloved stories to a new generation of kids.

With its lively, fun narrative and irrepressible hero, Tom Sawyer is tailor-made for the graphic novel form. Just imagine such classic moments as Tom and Becky in the bat-filled cave or the hilarious fence-painting incident captured in bright and atmospheric images. The stunning art endows each character with personality and each scene with movement and energy. Every frame is filled with such breathtaking detail, from the buildings to the carefully created backgrounds, that readers will feel as if they could step right into Twain’s wonderful world.

ISBN: 9781454938149
Author: CALDWELL, B.
Temporarily out of stock
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Title: Tom Sawyer

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Dimensions 216 × 143 mm