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Tim and Tigon

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Adventurer Tim Cope had a childhood dream: to travel the 10,000 kilometres from Mongolia to Hungary on horseback – a journey undertaken by the legendary leader of the Mongols, Genghis Khan. Tim made this epic journey – across the windswept wilderness and wolf-infested plateaux of Mongolia and Kazakhstan – with his dog Tigon.

This three-and-a-half-year odyssey took Tim to both physical and emotional extremes. He immersed himself in the traditions and histories of the people of the steppe, who welcomed him and Tigon into their homes, marvelling at their ingenuity and resilience, and the nomadic lifestyle they have followed since the Mongols first travelled there in the thirteenth century. He endured unbelievable loneliness, hardship, isolation and climatic harshness. His journey is completely compelling and unique, and resonates with the pioneering spirit of the explorers of old.

Above all, this is the story of an extraordinary friendship between Tim and Tigon.

ISBN: 9781760554293
Author: COPE, TIM
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Title: Tim and Tigon

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