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Strange Boarders

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Adnan Zakaria’s family recently fled Syria and resettled in America. Adnan feels like a stranger in a strange land. He’s lonely and homesick. The one thing that gives him comfort is his best friend’s skateboard that he brought with him from Syria. As Adnan navigates his new community he bonds with new friends at a local skatepark. But he also faces adversity in the form of local troublemaker Mike Proctor. After Adnan loses his precious skateboard one evening he learns that Mike Proctor has it and won’t give it up without a challenge. Will Adnan be able to out-skate his foe and reclaim his board And will the two boys learn to respect one another in spite of their differences Combining a high-stakes sports story with a dynamic full-color comic format this Jake Maddox Graphic Novel is sure to be a win for young athletes and struggling readers alike.

ISBN: 9781496560506
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Title: Strange Boarders

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Dimensions 152 × 229 mm