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Sign Of Light

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Birdboy observes the world through a pair of binoculars. Dog trots behind him at a distance, tongue lolling from its slobbery jowls, tail wagging. The memory of his dead mother, a strange man in yellow Y-fronts, a broken whisky bottle, his mobile phone.

In Anatomy, Jamie Trower’s unique voice took the reader into the world of a person living with physical disability. In his new work he delves into mental health and its many faces. Everyday situations glow with a sense of the surreal and nod to the poets, musicians and other creatives who have come before him. Amidst at times palpable darkness and uncertainty, Jamie Trower’s poems grapple with life as he lives it, and importantly give hope, humour and a sign of light.

ISBN: 9780995110731
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Title: Sign Of Light

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Dimensions 210 × 150 mm