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Riding in a Weekend Step-by-step Techniques to Improve Your Skills

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Master the essentials of horse riding and improve your technique with this practical illustrated handbook. It features expert advice and tips for the absolute beginner, from putting on the bridle and tightening the girth to adjusting the stirrup leathers and holding the reins. How to perfect your posture and improve your seat, and how to mount, walk, trot, canter and gallop, including instructions for the more experienced rider. It features step-by-step photographic sequences and illustrations that show clearly what to do – and also what not to do. It includes a complete guide to the clothing and safety equipment you will need, such as hard hats, riding boots, trousers, chaps, body protectors and neck straps. It offers all riding exercises, techniques and possible pitfalls are shown in over 250 clear photographs and diagrams. The feeling of galloping through an open field in perfect harmony with your horse is hard to beat. To reach this level of unity, a few basic techniques are needed. This book explains these techniques in step-by-step detail so that you can enjoy riding your horse to its full potential.
The book places special emphasis on the importance of good posture for achieving expert riding skills. It includes all the basics of good horse riding, from what to wear through to advanced techniques. Possible pitfalls are also shown, with solutions for handling them. A combination of theory and practice, this essential handbook will help you develop your confidence and horse riding skills.

ISBN: 9780754827627
Author: SLY, DEBBY
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Title: Riding in a Weekend Step-by-step Techniques to Improve Your Skills

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