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Naughtiest Pixie in Disguise

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It’s not easy being the only pixie at a human school, especially when you have to keep it a secret – but if anyone can do it, Jenifry Star can!

Jenifry Star is a very loveable, very naughty young pixie who decides to go to human school to make some friends. Everyone knows grown-up humans are terrifying; they hunt pixies, they stomp on their houses and even pickle pixies in jars. But surely human children are perfectly safe? Jenifry is willing to find out!

With her infectious sense of humour, knack for mischief and irrepressible charm, Jenifry must figure out the surprising rules of school and human friendship while keeping her pixie side hidden.

Book One comes with a magical full colour sticker sheet!

With gentle environmental overtones and a generous sprinkle of Faraway Tree magic, this series is a delightful romp in and out of a hidden world for readers aged 6+. You’ll never look at your garden in quite the same way again …

ISBN: 9781760502713
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Title: Naughtiest Pixie in Disguise

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