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Naughtiest Pixie and the Bad PixieTrick

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Jenifry Star may be the very naughtiest pixie around – but Nana and the Great Aunts are up to mischief too!
When Aunt Dabbie’s pixie-house is squished by a big, clumpy human, they know just the tricks to stop him coming back.

Pixies love being cheeky. Swapping the salt and the sugar. Filling umbrellas with flour. Growing a chair leg to make it rickety. But when it turns out they’ve been tricking one of Jenifry’s human friends, she needs to stop the pixie-mischief – quick!

With gentle environmental overtones and a generous sprinkle of Faraway Tree magic, this series is a delightful romp in and out of a hidden world for readers aged 6+.
You’ll never look at your garden in quite the same way again …

ISBN: 9781760502720
Temporarily out of stock
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Title: Naughtiest Pixie and the Bad PixieTrick

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Dimensions 190 × 150 mm