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Monster Nanny

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Halley, Koby and Mimi have been sent a nanny to look after them while their parents are away. The only problem? Their nanny is a monster! Grah is enormous, hairy, dusty and doesn’t talk. As the three siblings search for answers, they discover that other neighbourhood kids have also been left with similar creatures. So where did they all come from? With no parents around and the fate of their new nanny at stake, the Hellman kids must depend on each other as they solve the mystery of the monsters – and maybe even help them get back to their home.

Finnish author Tuutikki Tolonen seamlessly intertwines contemporary life with a world full of strange creatures in this warm, amusing and sweetly-moving story. Monster Nanny is at once a refreshing change of pace and a return to timeless adventure.

‘A wonderful rollicking adventure!’ Richard Roxburgh

‘An exciting and hilarious read.’ Anna Fienberg

‘A strange but entertaining romp that will surprise readers at every turn.’ Publishers Weekly

ISBN: 9781760525590
Temporarily out of stock
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Title: Monster Nanny

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Dimensions 198 × 128 mm