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Meditation for Kids: How to Clear Your Head and Calm Your Mind

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Start your kids off on a path to self-awareness through meditation! Written in easy-to-understand language, Meditation for Kids empowers kids to start learning about and practicing meditation as a way to stay calm, focused, and confident so they can work through daily stresses and manage tough emotions.

This extensive guide features options for both seated and walking meditation practices with over a dozen illustrated, step-by-step exercises like the tightrope walker and the flamingo. A short history of meditation, fun checklists, and a troubleshooting guide for frequently asked questions–including “What happens if you fall asleep?” and “Can I meditate with my pet?”–help lay the groundwork for a daily practice of stillness and inner reflection. The book even provides playful opportunities for kids to “teach” their parents the exercises so the whole family can participate.

ISBN: 9781611806205
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Title: Meditation for Kids: How to Clear Your Head and Calm Your Mind

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