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Making Space

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Life is a battleground, and it’s all because of our boundaries; the physical, emotional, and mental ones we have or, all too often, don’t have.

And they’re fluid too because we relax them for people we trust and want to let in and assert them for those we’re not so sure about. They’re also dependent on how we see ourselves; if we’re low in confidence, self-esteem or self-worth, then our boundaries can quite often be flimsy.

If we’ve been hurt, our boundaries can become impenetrable which can lead to us feeling alone, isolated and worthless.

Topics will include: the boundaries of others (why they sometimes smart), professional boundaries, the boundaries we have with different family members, our friends, boundaries for carers (inc. parents), time boundaries, and boundaries which are sometimes forced upon us when we’re unwell.

ISBN: 9781409183457
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Title: Making Space

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