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LS Lowry Masterpieces of Art

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New edition of the Lowry in the popular Masterpieces of Art series. Renowned for his paintings of the industrial towns of North West England, Lancashire born Lowry had a distinctive and enchanting style, depicting the everyday life of the world around him. In association with The Lowry, which houses over 400 of Lowry’s works, this exceptional book portrays a selection of his paintings, sketches and other works, with subjects gleaned from urban landscapes teeming with his iconic ‘matchstick men’ to haunting unpopulated scenes. Often neglected by the elite of the art world his work has received much greater recognition in recent years. AUTHOR: Susan Grange is a writer, musician and art historian with a wide range of interests. She holds an MA in Art History and is the author of Giovanni Bellini: Music, Art and Venice. She teaches privately and in secondary education and has taught in higher education. She also reviews exhibitions and art books for the art journal Cassone. She lives with her husband in Nottingham. 100 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9781804177051
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Title: LS Lowry Masterpieces of Art

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