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Love My Dinosaur I

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Discover the enchanting world of five amazing dinosaurs and find out what makes then so loveable.

In this charming dinosaur book filled with beautiful illustrations and fun facts, little ones can lift up the flaps and peek at the pop-ups to discover amazing dinosaurs that love to have fun! With five spectacular dinosaurs to visit, help little dinosaur lovers find out what makes them so adorable.

What did a baby T-Rex look like? Peek inside the pop-up to see. What did Triceratops eat? Look under the flap to find out! With five different dinosaurs to read about, discover the amazing world of these giant, spikey, and scaly creatures. From the armoured Ankylosaurus swishing its heavy tail, to the huge T-Rex with its tiny arms, the intriguing lives of the dinosaurs has never been so exciting.

Journeying through the deepest forests where the Diplodocus can be found munching on the leaves of the tallest trees, to the swampy world of the Spinosaurus, young dinosaur lovers can enter the ancient world of their favourite dinosaurs and find out what made them so unique. With fact-filled pop-ups and flaps, as well as helpful pronunciation guides, I Love My Dinosaur is the perfect way to teach children about their favourite dinosaurs.

ISBN: 9780241439388
Author: DK
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Title: Love My Dinosaur I

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