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Illustration Studio Inking Animals

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Inking Animals guides aspiring illustrators and drawing enthusiasts with a fun, interactive learning experience that demonstrates how to use traditional inking techniques to create whimsical, original illustrations of their favourite animals. This dynamic guide is ideal for beginners, as well as traditional artists who want to explore pen and ink on a more playful level. Talented artist Sova Huova instructs art enthusiasts in drawing, inking, and colouring techniques, in addition to exploring abstraction for expressive artwork, enhancing illustrations digitally with easy-to-follow instruction, and much more.

Beginning with an introduction to tools and materials, artists will find helpful tips for working with inks, pens, and even watercolour. Inking Animals features a wide range of creative and fun inking techniques and unique projects that are simple and engaging, while Huova’s valuable tips and tricks, and creative prompts and exercises will encourage artists to experiment and play as they learn. Featuring a variety of creative tips, techniques, exercises, and step-by-step projects, Inking Animals is the perfect resource for pen and ink illustrators of all levels.

ISBN: 9781633225763
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Title: Illustration Studio Inking Animals

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