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A feast of football facts, plus everything you need to know about action on the pitch and behind the scenes at the stadium.

This book is a visual guide to the world’s most popular game. From the rules of the game to the top tournaments – the information leaps right off the page! Learn about historic ball games and the birth of football. Gen up on the laws of the game and the new technology that referees use to make vital decisions. See what it takes to run a club and keep the players in tip-top shape. There’s a chapter, too, on all the international trophies and tournaments, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Copa America, and the Olympic Games. This new edition includes updates to football’s roll of honour to include the latest tournament winners.

Packed with vital tips and tricks, as well as astounding facts and mind-boggling stats, GOAL! Is a winner!

ISBN: 9780241426401
Author: DK
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Title: Goal!

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