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For Now And Forever/Dark Surrender/Colour Love Blue

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New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer deliver two classic tales of finding love in the most unexpected places.

Dark Surrender

When Maggie Sterline causes an accident that changes Saxon Tremayne’s life forever, she’ll do anything to right her wrongs. Even if that means staying in South Carolina to care for the fierce, accomplished giant whose world has suddenly turned dark. Though Saxon’s raw emotions are unsettling, Maggie is able to help him confront his new reality and soon, the beauty is drawn to this beast. Can she resist his knee-weakening kisses and passionate embraces?

Color Love Blue

Bumping headlong into sexy stranger Nick Scarpelli shakes artist Jolana Shannon’s head out of the clouds. He’s drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly arrogant, and surrendering to passion with him is utter bliss. But when Nick makes it clear he doesn’t want forever with Jolana, it breaks her heart. Still memories of Nick linger – until one day he resurfaces in her life. Could the man who walked away offer her everything she’s ever wanted?

ISBN: 9781489293350
Temporarily out of stock
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Title: For Now And Forever/Dark Surrender/Colour Love Blue

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