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You are not called an accountant, or a speaker, or a writer. You are called by a name – your name. You are you. To know what that means and who you are requires work. Just like growing into a new pair of sneakers, you need to grow into who you really are.

To do this, you have to accept your flaws. To make peace with your humanity you need to drop your search for perfection, to be OK with being enough – flaws and all. To ultimately find that your flaws can become your super powers. This is a fabulous place to be and so much easier to reach than you might think.

In this fascinating book, author and feedback expert, Georgia Murch, teaches you that being flawsome is not just about accepting your flaws, your inadequacies, the things you hide – it’s understanding where they come from and rewriting how you see yourself, so you can live as you are. It’s not just about making peace with your shortcomings and imperfections but knowing that without them you are not you. Your flaws make you, you.

Specifically, FLAWSOME helps you;

– Become more self-aware of how you impact yourself and others in the everyday moments

– Identify the things that triggers you and hold you back from learning and growing

– How to search for the what is really true and not get caught in rumination

– How to hold the space to evolve as a person and know it’s in the small moments

This book is for those who would like to stop being good enough for others, and start being themselves.

ISBN: 9780648796305
Temporarily out of stock
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Title: Flawsome

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