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Dowsing as a Daily Tool

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This is a short, easy to read manual on dowsing. Dowsing is known around the world by different names like divining, witching, radiesthesia and many others. It has been used since ancient times to locate water wells, find a variety of things or get answers to questions about almost any topic. Dowsing is an easy way to access universal information with the use of a simple mechanical tool. It doesn’t take any special ability so anyone can to do it. Many are surprised at how easy it is. The purpose of Dowsing as a Daily Tool is to provide a practical ‘how-to’ for this time-proven skill. You can read it in a few hours and have a good idea of how to use dowsing in your life right away. Instead of a mystery, you get an easy-to-follow procedure. As well as many basic and advanced techniques, this edition has more information about the different instruments used for dowsing. It now includes responses for the bobber, Y-rod and L-rods in addition to those for the pendulum. This short book is for anyone who wants to step beyond conventional thinking and be more self-empowered. Dowsing as a Daily Tool is your every-day guide to ‘intuition on demand.’

ISBN: 9780988922914
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Title: Dowsing as a Daily Tool

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