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DKfindout! Castles

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This children’s history book has everything you need to know about medieval castles, including knights, jousting, sieges, drawbridges, and forts.

Learn about castle design, from the earliest motte and bailey styles to stone fortresses and beautiful castles in Japan and India. See some of the most impressive castles in the world, and stock up on amazing facts. Packed with information, artefacts, and colourful pages, DKfindout! Castles brings the medieval world to life.

The DKfindout! series introduces children to a range of exciting topics in a fun, engaging way. Checked by specialist consultants and an educational expert this is not only a source of information you can trust, but one that is age-appropriate and supportive of schoolwork. Ranging from core topics, to more specialized subjects, the DKfindout! series will inspire and delight kids.

ISBN: 9780241358436
Author: DK
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Title: DKfindout! Castles

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