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Deceit and Lies

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I lie easily. As easily as I can change my face, my appearance…using my forbidden magic. I’m an Assassin.Dangerous and deadly and I’ve just agreed to take on the most treacherous mission of all. But when I meet my mark…the new leader of the Vampires, Cassius Allarde…my instincts are screaming that something’s wrong. My heart gets in the way of my job but if I don’t carry out what he’s paid me to do…I’ll have a powerful and angry Demon heading my way. The Demon lied through his teeth, but that won’t save me from his fury. I must complete my mission, but I can’t stop my heart pounding every time Cassius is near me. When he looks at me I want to fall into his arms and forget I’ve made a deal with the Devil. But I’m The Black Rose and she always carries out her assignments…Scroll up and one-click Deceit and Lies today to start this thrilling dystopian series packed full of Vampires, Shifters, Witches and paranormal romance in New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author A K Michaels’ The Black Rose Chronicles series. You’ll be glued to the pages to see what happens to Rose as she battles her way through this amazing supernatural story.Fans of Shannon Mayer and McKenzie Hunter will love this incredible and exciting ride.

ISBN: 9781516927821
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Title: Deceit and Lies

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