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Combat Aircraft The Legendary Models

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A book for those with passion and appreciation for fighter planes and the history of aviation. Follow the rapid technological innovation and the global events that led to their evolution. From the models used in two world wars to those that dominated the Cold War. Discover the incredible progression that has enabled jets invisible to enemy radar and those that provide pilots with precise awareness of the battlefield, even at distances of hundreds of kilometres. AUTHORS: Riccardo Niccoli is one of the best-known aeronautical historians, journalists, writers, and photographers. Currently the Director of Coccarde Tricolori magazine, dedicated to the Italian armed forces. He is also the author of numerous publications including the books The story of flight (2002 and 2013) and Airplanes (a major themes series, 2013) published by White Star. Marco De Fabianis Manferto, industrial designer, holds a Master in Product Design from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). He specialised in 3D modelling at the Politecnico di Milano. SELLING POINTS: . The book for fighter jet aficionados . The prefect mix of history, technology, and imagery 60 colour, 70 b/w illustrations

ISBN: 9788854420335
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Title: Combat Aircraft The Legendary Models

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