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Art and How it Works An Introduction to Art for Children

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This enticing introduction to art appreciation for children looks at art history, themes in art, and art techniques – from cave paintings to modern art.

Children will learn to step back, think, and look at art in a new way. This fabulous book explores themes in art, including women in art and symbolism in art. Kids will be encouraged to look closely at a painting and understand why and how it was made.

By tapping into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths), Art . . . And How it Works helps with the understanding of colour and the materials artists use. The mathematical side of art will be highlighted and kids will learn about patterns and shapes in art.

The book looks at the history of art for kids – from prehistoric paintings, Impressionism, abstract art, through to the art of today. It includes biographies of major artists from Fra Angelico to David Hockney. Art . . . And How it Works cuts through the jargon that surrounds the art world and offers a fresh, new, and accessible approach for kids.

ISBN: 9780241301876
Author: KAY, ANN
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Title: Art and How it Works An Introduction to Art for Children

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