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Animal Ark, New 4: The Magic Bunny: Special 4

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Helping animals, having fun! A bumper spring special with not one but FOUR adorable Easter bunnies!

Amelia and Sam are bunny-sitting over the Easter holidays! Their friend’s pet rabbit has had babies – and they all need new homes. One bunny is adopted by their classmate, Dominic, who wants to win the school talent show with his magic act. Can Amelia and Sam convince him to perform his tricks without a disappearing bunny?

A brilliant animal series from multi-million-selling author Lucy Daniels, loved by parents and reimagined for a new generation of children!

“I remember reading these books as a child myself. Now buying them for my own daughter. . . Delightful stories!”

“I love this series of books. They made me realise how special animals are!”

Perfect for fans of Holly Webb and Magic Animal Friends!

ISBN: 9781408359310
Temporarily out of stock
Price: $14.99
Title: Animal Ark, New 4: The Magic Bunny: Special 4

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